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Your furnace and other heating units in your home heavily determine the comfort and safety of your home. For this reason we always advise homeowners to consult professionals like us when dealing with your HVAC systems. You see, a furnace repair performed improperly can either result in a tragedy at worst or cause unnecessary costs at best, however, when working with a team of skilled and reliable professionals like us, none of this has to matter, here’s why;


1. We take our time to explain the available options – In order to serve our clients best, we make it our business to carefully explain the available options before setting off to work; in some cases, it is more cost effective to replace your furnace than to have it repaired. On the same line, we also offer advice based on your budget not to mention the long term and short term effects that our services will have on your home.


2. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction – Our resources and skills are always focused towards providing you with the best experience and results.


3. Proper training – Our licensed professionals are thoroughly trained and boast years of experience in the field, meaning you won’t have to deal with mediocre results or unprofessional characters.


4. You are our partner – Unlike other companies that only want to deal with you in the short term, we take pride in creating a long term relationship. It is in the light of such that we also ensure you get impeccable services.


5. State of the art equipment – With the countless ground breaking developments that have been made in the technological industry, it would be unfair for you, our valued customer, not to enjoy the efficiency that this state of the art machinery has to offer.


6. Always a phone call away – Not only do we provide the best services at the best prices, we also show up on time to answer your call of distress with 24 hour emergency service.

Call us today and experience a whole new side to HVAC repair, service, installation and replacement.

Portland Furnace Repair

Portland Furnace RepairFrozen and burst water pipes say volumes about the inefficiency of your heating systems.  You do not need to wait until the umpteenth hour to start calling up for emergency repair services.  By recognizing the need for repair before damage is done, you help save on costs as well as inconveniences.

Common Signs Your System Needs Repair

  • Furnace does not turn on
  • Loud, new, strange or frequent noises from the unit
  • Dusty air with strange odor
  • Insufficient heating

Why you should repair your furnace

Apart from the obvious fact that you’ll find it impossible to survive through the winter without a good source of heat, here are other benefits to repairing your furnace;


1. Quieter operation– You will no longer have your sleep or rest interrupted by irritating sounds


2. Saves on energy– Did you know that you can cut your energy bills by 20% if you have your HVAC system repaired? Of course this will also depend on the efficiency of your furnace model.


3. Safer and healthier air– With a number of heating unit problems involving safety issues such as carbon monoxide leaks, repairing your furnace would mean creating a safe environment in your home. Plus, a furnace that functions properly works better at filtering germs and dust from the indoor air thus further promoting the good health of your family.


4. Maximum comfort– Repairing your system means coming home to a consistent level of humidity and temperature as opposed to the previous uncomfortable and unpredictable conditions.

Sometimes, spending money can end up saving you money, so instead of tolerating your noisy furnace just because you want it to work until it stops dead; consider having it repaired as soon as possible. Not only will this save you the extra costs that you may incur when dealing with extensive damages, but it will also save you and your family the agony of having an inefficient furnace.

Before Furnace Service

After Furnace Service

Portland Furnace Service and Maintenance

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your system operates optimally by conducting scheduled regular inspections. This will ensure that your furnace runs reliable and safe at all times during operation. Regular service will also ensure energy savings which will in the long run make it more affordable to run and operate.

We have vast experience in servicing heating and cooling appliances. We’ve also been authorized to conduct such services too. Thus, hiring our company, will guarantee 100% quality service. All the maintenance procedures are conducted by qualified technicians who evaluate the indoor air quality and inspect the primary heating sources.  We are skilled and able to provide all necessary maintenance to your HVAC system.

The furnace service procedures are also aimed at giving our valued customers basic tips on how they can ensure that their entire HVAC system remains in good condition. Some of these basic tips include:


1. The area around the furnace must be kept clean at all times. That is, items must not be stored around the furnace. Furthermore, flammable items must not be stored near the furnace at all. The system must be free from any kind of obstruction.


2. If a unit has oiling points, it’s important to apply the recommended amount of oil during the heating session. Always refer to the owners manual. So, be sure to monitor the motor.


3. For those with belts, any signs of wear and tear must be inspected. The belt must always be in the right position.


4. Filters; it’s advisable to change or clean them after every three months to ensure their efficiency. If possible, the fan compartment must be tightly closed with all fans held in their proper positions. Remember, filters play a significant role when it comes to getting the best quality of air.


5. Whenever you notice any unusual behavior with your furnace or air conditioner, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll not only service, but acquaint you with some vital skills which can help you to troubleshoot on your own too.