Indoor Air Quality Specialists





Research indicates that the majority of people spend at least 90% of their time indoors.


This statistic coupled by the fact that there has been a growing body of scientific evidence indicating that air within buildings and homes could be more polluted than outdoor air even in the most urbanized cities, tells volumes about the importance of having good air quality in your home and/or business.


We at Multnomah Heating  Inc. are dedicated to providing cost effective clean air solutions .

While getting a breath of fresh air may not be as easy as it used to be, we pride ourselves in providing premium quality air solutions. So whether it is the allergens, the dust or other atrocities associated with stale air, be assured that we have what it takes to improve both the quality of your home air and its comfort too.



Why We are The best

1. Experience- They say, experience is the only difference between success and failure. This rings quite true especially in the air cleaning industry where one needs to have optimum experience for effective services. At Multnomah Heating, you get to enjoy the services of skilled and experienced technicians who know what needs to be done and how to do it.


2. Equipment- As mentioned earlier, we greatly pride ourselves in the services that we provide. It is because of this that we have invested in equipment that exceeds the industry standards just to get you the satisfaction that you deserve.


3. Customer service- Not only do we take indoor air quality seriously, but we also want to build a lasting relationship with our clients. Therefore, our customer services are developed with nothing but your best interest at heart


4. Affordable- Our pricing is and will always be up front, you’ll never encounter any hidden charges.


5. Friendly products- We use cleaning products with very low toxicity levels because your safety is our prime concern.


Environmental hazards such as asthma affect over 25 million individuals annually, do not be a part of this statistic, let us provide you with the BEST CLEAN AIR SOLUTION.