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When the scorching rays of the sun and stifling heat reaches your home, all you want is quick relief. Professionally maintained air conditioning is the key to attaining and maintaining a cool and comfortable home throughout the year. Knowing that your home is nicely cooled gives you a sense of relief and peace.


We know that every indoor space has dynamics that influence the choice of a Portland Heating, Ventilation, and Portland Air Conditioning system (HVAC). Don’t fret if you’re not sure which kind of air conditioner suits your home. Call us today and request a free site inspection. Whether you have a small confined space, or unique interior space, our technicians will help you identify and install the right kind of air conditioning system.


Specializing in all kinds of commercial and residential air conditioning installation, service and repairs, we have the expertise and capacity to swiftly and professional address your needs. We can install commercial ducted systems or split air conditioning systems and replace old and inefficient HVAC systems as well. We have done it for hundreds of residential and commercial clients and we’re confident we shall do it for you.


As “Old hands” in the HVAC industry, we have everything it takes to undertake professional HVAC installations and routine inspections for better performance. Our trained and licensed technician can help you install and maintain an air conditioning unit of your choice. We know the ins-and-outs of HVAC units and you can count on us to enhance the functional efficiency and performance of your system.


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No home or building is too big or too small for us to repair, service, install or replace. Just call us today and request a free estimate for any kind of heating and cooling need. Our professional HVAC technicians are available to answer your questions.

5 signs that tell your Air Conditioner needs repairs.

Air Conditioning Repair Portland

Few things come close to the dreadful feeling of having your AC break just as the 90 degree heat hits. However, keeping in mind that your air conditioner is one of the hardest working units in your home, it shouldn’t come as a shock that it needs regular servicing and repair. However, it may not always be obvious that your HVAC system needs repair, so here are 5 simple signs that will help you know when it is time to give us a call:


1. It won’t switch on – While this may be quite an obvious sign, it’s always important to check the cable connections before jumping in to any conclusions, once you are sure that the problem isn’t with the cable connection or the fuses, then it definitely needs an air conditioning repair from skilled professionals.


2. Clunking and Whistling Sounds – While you may think that air conditioners are supposed to make weird sounds, you will be surprised to find out that they are in fact designed to operate as quietly and efficiently as possible. This means that if your AC has been making more noise than normal it is time to call the experts. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the worse the situation gets.


3. Weak airflow – The airflow of each air condition depends on the age of the air filter; changing the air filter regularly not only ensures maximum flow of air but also increases the quality of air. A weak air flow is a sign that the compressor is not functioning effectively.


4. The air isn’t cold – Noticed that your unit’s output isn’t as cool as it used to be? Does it take longer for your AC to get to the desired temperature? These are tell-tale signs of a compromised AC that need repair.


5. The AC makes the circuit Breaker trip – This could either mean there is a short circuit inside the AC or that the electrical system cannot handle the sudden power surge, either way, a Portland air conditioning repair will have the problem fixed right away.

Air conditioners can malfunction and breakdown without any warning, use these signs to gauge whether you need your unit repaired.

Servicing Your Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

Air Conditioner Service PortlandAccording to recent studies, the average Portland, Oregon household spends around one thousand dollars on air conditioning and heating utility bills each year. Did you know that there are good ways to minimize air conditioning costs without sacrificing the enjoyment of cool air during summer days? The great secret lies in your maintenance activities. For example, you can enjoy ample savings every year if you keep your HVAC system properly maintained.


If you were to refer to the instruction or technical manual that came along with your new air conditioner, you might note how the manufacturer emphasizes on the importance of maintenance. Generally, no air conditioner, immaterial of whether you opt for the free standing, centralized or window system can do without regular maintenance.


Cool air comes out from your air conditioner while hot air is pumped in. The air that goes into the air conditioner is bound to be filled with dust particles and so on. That’s the reason why air conditioners have filters. Dust and other unwanted particles are filtered. So as time goes on, the filters become dirty and need to be cleaned or changed.


You would be able to see the manufacturer’s recommendation for changing them in the instruction manual. Filters cannot last forever. They only work up to a point. Beyond that, they cease to function or stop filtering dust and so on altogether.


So changing the filters would be necessary. Certain findings indicate how the change or cleaning of filters when required can bring down utility costs by ten to twenty percent every month. The best person to decide on what to do with the filters is definitely an air conditioning technician.


Another important thing about asking an air conditioning company to perform regular maintenance on your home’s air conditioners is that they might be able to detect any problem before it becomes more serious – remember prevention is better than cure.

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