Portland Oregon Preferred Commercial HVAC Contractor





Commercial building’s with an HVAC system needs to have reliable HVAC Service Contractors.


Multnomah Heating Inc. specializes in providing businesses with excellent HVAC servicing at competitive prices.

We are run by a dedicated team of highly trained and exceptionally friendly individuals. Any client dealing with us is guaranteed satisfaction at very pocket friendly rates and great service.


By design, this is a company that values hands on experience. That is why we do not hand off our clients to subcontractors, but our technicians oversee every single case personally to ensure that our clients’ needs are well catered to and that our company remains the number one heating and cooling service provider in this region.

We are HVAC Experts

We specializes in installing, servicing and repairing HVAC systems. Every single client is treated as a priority client and every single installation, service or repair of any heating and cooling system we provide is carried out by a qualified individual with hands on experience and technical expertise.

The best part is that we can repair or service any major or minor heating and cooling system problems. This means that just because your faulty HVAC was not installed by us, we can still come over and take a look at it, repair or service it as need be.

Dealing with lapses in your heating system can cost you both productivity and customers. And while you may think that calling up any heating and cooling company may solve the problem, you will soon find out that not all companies are made equal. We, for one, take great pride in providing premium quality services to you. Want more reasons why we should be the guys to handle your commercial heating system service and repair?

Why Choose Us as Your HVAC Contractor?

1. High quality HVAC repair work – Experiencing problems with your heating system? Well, we guarantee our trained staff can get your HVAC, furnace, air conditioner, etc. up and running in no time and with the least intrusion to your planned schedule or normal operating hours for your clientele.


2. Know what you are getting – We want you to know exactly what you are paying for. Because of this, we make an effort to explain every detail and possible outcome of our services before we set to work. This includes explaining the effects that our services will have on your heating and cooling system and what it could mean for your business in the future.


3. We are a family – As an organization and a family, we consider our clients part of our family too. In respect to this, we are always out to help you, whether you are looking to replace or repair, our experienced and skilled technicians will have a talk with you to know what you want and how best we can cater to your needs.


4. Tailor made services – Do you want plans for a single visit or would an annual diagnostic do? Either way, we will always tailor our services to meet your needs; after all, we are here for you, right?


5. Peace of mind – Having a reliable and experienced heating and cooling company like us by your side will always give you the much needed sense of assurance.

Nothing comes close to the feeling of having a company that is proud to serve you.

There are many requirements a building has in order to offer the necessary standard of comfort that people expect. Among these requirements is the heating and air conditioning system. This system needs to maintain proper ventilation for stale air to exit and fresh air to come in. To ensure that your system works efficiently, our company specializes in commercial HVAC system repair, servicing, and installation of these systems.

Does Your Heating & Cooling System Need Maintenance?

Your heating and cooling system has air filters that are responsible for cleaning air which is flowing into your building. However, after a period of time, impurities such as dust particles accumulate on the filters and they need to be removed before they clog. Therefore, if there is no regular check and maintenance of these filters, they will block and your system will not be effective.

Other impurities may cause rusting and wearing off the metallic mesh. As a result, the filters may be bleached and dust particles will be entering your building. This can trigger allergic reactions and could cause a lot of discomfort. To avoid these occurrences, your furnace and air conditioner should be properly maintained.

Proper HVAC Maintenance Will Save You Money

Most AC systems use electrical power and when they age they become less efficient. This increases their power consumption. To get rid of this effect, we ensure that your system is in the best operational level by eliminating all possible defects that we detect.

Air inlets and filters and not the only important parts of your AC system. Other parts such as the thermostat are equally essential. This part is responsible for controlling the outflow and the inflow of air and also regulating the air temperature. All of which depends on the seasonal setting.

Air vents that take out and bring in air should be also maintained. Unevenness in these vents cause warm air to condense and form water droplets that may damage your entire system.

In order satisfy our customers, we have a team of qualified professionals who provide all kind of services and repairs to ensure that your heating and cooling system is efficient.